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We are a modern dental clinic in Saanen bei Gstaad, to assist you with all your wishes or problems. Under the supervision of Dr. Christian B. Tritten, we have been providing high-quality customer-oriented, pain-free dental services since 20 years.

Our areas of specialisation

  • Prophylaxis, general dental medicine, periodontology, reconstructive dental medicine and paediatric dentistry. Range of services
  • We are Swiss state-recognised qualified dental practioners.
  • Dr. med. dent. Christian B. Tritten is also specialist dentist for peroiodontology and reconstructive dental medicine SSO. He has specialisation in general dental medicine.
  • Dr. Christian B. Tritten is also the head of the Dental Emergency Service in the region as well as a board member of the Dental Association SSO. For the profile of Dr. Christian B. Tritten  Potrait Dr. Christian B. Tritten

Our team of experts shall be happy to advise and treat you.

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Your dental clinic
Dr. Christian B. Tritten

We treat our patients the way we would like to be treated.