Dental treatments

General information

Single-tooth anaesthesia

Pain-free and gentle treatment technology. The tooth is anaesthetised with the modern intra-ligamentous (Peripress-) technology and not by giving an anaesthetic injection.

This is a big advantage for patients scared of injections:

  • No more needle prick through the mucosa
  • Practically pain-free application
  • Immediate onset of effect
  • No anaesthesia for the lips, cheeks or tongue

Do not fear! It does not even feel.

We also provide tooth treatments under anaesthesia. Consult us.

Dental dam

Dental damThe tooth or the dental arch to be treated is completely separated from the oral cavity using a nonlatex „Plastic glove“. This helps in completely removing the old filling (such as amalgam) without touching the mucosa and the oral cavity, without letting the foreign materual being swallowed. Absolute draining using a dental dam is no longer unimaginable from the modern tooth-preserving measures (e.g. composite/ceramic fillings, root canal treatments), and is a must for an optimum and promising therapy.

Hence, we use the dental dam in our clinic whenever possible.

CAD/CAM. Metal-free, computer-milled bridges

metal-free bridgeAll-ceramic crowns and bridges made of zirconium oxide that are designed in 3D using CAD tools and subsequently produced in a 3D milling unit are the most appealing, high-quality solution to your needs.

Metal-free dental prostheses for discerning demands
metal-free bridgeZirconium dioxide is an all-ceramic material that is predestined for use in high-quality dental prostheses.It is metal-free and characterised by its extreme resilience, longevity and aesthetic appeal.

The material’s scope of application ranges from conservative dental restorations (tooth-preserving treatment) to crowns, bridges and prosthetic implants.

The advantages of zirconium oxide as a dental replacement material lie in its outstanding bio-compatibility and the aesthetic appearance achievable with tooth-coloured ceramic.

As a bio-compatible material, it is allergy-neutral and is therefore ideally suitable for allergy sufferers and people who make a conscious decision to trust in metal-free, bio-compatible dental replacements. There are no known incompatibilities with the material.

CAD/CAM technology for maximum precision

crownComputer-controlled CAD/CAM technology and the use of zirconium oxide makes it possible to manufacture custom-fit crowns and bridges made of zirconium ceramic.

The dental model produced in advance is scanned into the computer in the laboratory. The dental technician creates a model of the crown or bridge scaffold on the computer screen. The data are then sent to the milling centre where high-precision CNC milling machines produce the finished scaffold made of zirconium oxide.

In the next step, the dental technician will work on creating exact replicas with the shape and colour of natural teeth. Every zirconium crown or bridge is the result of precision craftsmanship. They are manufactured with a love of detail and customised to your personal dental situation.

Zirconium oxide and veneers

VeneersVeneers are ceramic caps made of zirconium oxide that are permanently bonded to the front teeth. These wafer-thin caps are customised for each individual patient with regard to shape and colour.

Veneers lend the teeth a natural appearance and are not only healthy, aesthetically pleasing and pleasant to wear, but also very inconspicuous.

Our tooth treatments in detail

This division of dental medicine covers all tooth-preserving measures such as the dental restoration with plastic materials (aesthetically high-quality plastic) or with inlays (ceramic, gold).

In case of inflammation in the dental nerve, a root canal treatment can allow preservation of the tooth. For this treatment, we use special instruments for the preparation (mechanical preparation) and length determination (endometry) of the tooth. The advantage with this process is that the number of X-ray images during the root canal treatment can be reduced.

Fight the plaque

As a “Periodontist”, we name the structures surrounding the tooth: Bones, gums and fibres, which hold the tooth in the bone. These tissues can be infected and inflamed due to bacteria. This is a disease that we call “Gingivitis” or “Periodontitis” (periodontal disease).

Inflammations in the mouth affect the entire body and can also have an effect on the heart, brain, blood sugar, respiratory tracts and joints, and can increase the risk of a premature birth.

Know-how and experience

Dr. Tritten has completed multi-year training in this discipline at the Clinic for Periodontology and Bridge Prosthetics of the Dental Clinics of the University of Bern. He completed it with the dental speciality for Periodontology SSO. All periodontal diseases must be clarified properly beforehand and planned and discussed individually. Consult us for possible solutions – we will be happy to guide you!

Prosthetics involves fixed and removable dentures. These also include treatments that are covered on implants.

Fixed dentures refer to the use of crowns and bridges for restoring the chewing function and aesthetics in the anterior and posterior areas.

Removable dentures refer to protheses in any type.

Our high-quality prosthetic work is produced in an external laboratory by experienced dental technicians.

In surgery

The surgical dentistry (or oral surgery) involves surgical procedures on the jaw bone, on the gums and partly on the soft tissues. These range from simple tooth extraction to the complex wisdom tooth extraction and to the laborious apicoectomy (removal of the root tip) to growths on bone and gum.

Know-how and experience

Dr. Tritten has completed one-year training in this discipline at the Clinic for Stomatology and Periodontology at the University of Californoa, San Fransisco. All surgical cases must be clarified, planned and discussed properly beforehand. Even general diseases and medicines must be included as part of this planning – we will be happy to advise you!

Implants mainly serve in replacing a lost tooth root. A prosthetic denture (individual crowns, bridges or removable prostheses) is then fixed after the healing. The bone around the implant is often expanded or increased together with placing the implant; optimum oral hygiene and a regular check-up with us are however prerequisites for the long-standing success. All implant cases must be clarified properly beforehand and planned and discussed individually.

Consult us for possible solutions – we will be happy to guide you!

Endodontics or endodontology mainly deals with the therapy of diseases of the inner tissue in the tooth (pulp); it concerns a root canal treatment. The endodontical treatment involves measures for saving the pulp and, if that is no longer possible, to for restoring bacteria-free conditions in the root canal and the adjacent tissues near the tip of the root.

The aim is to preserve the tooth as well as to permanently protect the body from complaints that could arise from a diseased dentition.

Orthodontics deal with the diagnosis and treatment of tooth and jaw positions. The apparatuses and devices used are called “braces” in vernacular language.

Invisible splint

As the latest therapy option for the correction of teeth misalignment, we offer our patients the innovative technology with splints.

The splints used in the treatment do not result in any limitations in the quality of life. They are transparent, do not obstruct speech and can be removed when brushing and cleaning the teeth and while eating.

More and more patients want not only healthy teeth, but also lay great importance to dental aesthetics. Aesthetic and beautiful teeth are the best ornament for a good look. Thus, the beauty of a face is not least determined through our teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry offers numerous options to achieve the objective of an aesthetic smile with beautiful teeth. We will be happy to clarify your doubts.

Restoring the function and esthetics after a dental accident. The view before (left side) and after treatment (right side).

Holistic dentistry refers to a therapy form that goes beyond the mere treatment of symptoms. The mouth with its teeth is a part of the human body and various correlations also exist with it. To be able to fathom the causes for certain (tooth) diseases, holistic dentistry is recommended.

Holistic dentistry means dental medicine taking into account the entire body

Amalgam fillings are being quite disfavoured in the recent years due to the use of quicksilver. They can contribute to heavy metal contamination of the body. This can result in complaints of various kinds. There are patients who have allergies to quicksilver or react to other ingredients of amalgam. The removal of amalgam fillings requires a careful and highly professional procedure to prevent an additional exposure to toxic substances. In our clinic, we do have the necessary devices, as well as the long-standing experience to be able to guarantee your safety.

Paediatric dentistry deals with the special treatment of all diseases of the teeth, mouth and jaws during childhood, thus from birth right up to puberty.