Prevention is better than cure


Oral and dental hygiene

Tooth decay and gum diseases are mainly behavioural diseases. With the help of professional prophylaxis measures, a systematic oral and dental hygiene and a health-conscious nutrition, these can be prevented almost all the time.

Even you must take the joint responsibility if you wish to laugh with healthy teeth all your life. We will consult and support you with your prophylaxis program.

Dental hygiene

Professional dental cleaning

Professional dental cleaning serves as a precaution and retention of teeth and gums. Subsequent damages and expensive repairs can be prevented by a regular, professional dental cleaning.a

Regular check-ups

Early detection of oral cavity diseases

A regular mouth check-up can detect and remedy the early stages of oral cavity diseases.

Prophylaxis in children

Protect your child’s teeth

Prophylaxis in children includes brushing lessons, training on nutrition, professional dental cleaning and sealing of the teeth.

Mouth guard for the teeth

Recreational habits have transformed enormously in the recent years. With certain trend sports, even the significance of jaw protection has also demanded a completely new emphasis.

Unfortunately, the experience in the practice shows that a mouth guard is often used only after the jaw or a tooth is damaged.

Preventive measures must have the topmost priority here.

For your own safety, the following sports should never be played without mouth guard:

  • Skiing with sticks
  • Inline-skating, Mountain biking
  • Ice and field hockey, football
  • Baseball, basketball, handball
  • Boxing and other martial arts
  • Apparatus gymnastics

So that you laugh with healthy teeth all your life